3M and H&M Allegedly Used Chinese Prison Labor

Companies are investigating allegations that prisoners in China made packaging bearing their brand names.

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Household products group 3M, and fashion retailers H&M and C&A are responding to an article published by the Financial Times last week in which a corporate investigator, Peter Humphrey, who was imprisoned in China said he witnessed fellow inmates making packaging that carried the names of the companies.

"Our men made packaging parts. So much for corporate social responsibility," Humphrey wrote in the Financial Times article, referring to his fellow prisoners. "I recognized well-known brands -- 3M, C&A, H&M."

He wrote that the brands may not have known that prisoners were used to make their products,  and that they were paid roughly $19 a month to make them. 

Humphrey didn't specify if they were forced to work on these projects or not. 

All three companies have started investigating into the matter. 

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