Report Finds Fashion Supply Chains Not Transparent: Dior, Prada and Giorgio Armani in Bottom 10 Percent

Many brands are outsourcing large portions of their supply chain to a highly fragmented and mysterious supplier base.

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Few fashion brands are implementing measures to disclose details on their supply chain, according to Fashion Revolution. Any ethical breaches within many of the world’s 100 leading brands may be undetected. Worse still, they may be undetectable.

Fashion Revolution, a campaigning non-governmental organization (NGO), assessed the transparency scorings of brands’ supply chains. The research was conducted through a combination of questionnaires sent directly to the brands, and direct research from websites and published policies.

No brand scored higher than a 50 percent level of transparency. Such a score would require that brands publish “detailed information about assessment and remediation findings, and detailed supplier lists from manufacturing right down to raw materials.” This requirement would be a basic provision in the eyes of many consumers.

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