Could Overnight Deliveries Be the Solution to Traffic Congestion?

Trucks, too, are forced to crawl through city streets—causing losses in time, money and productivity

The Washington Post
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Oct. 1, 2015—You’ve seen the large trucks double-parked, blocking travel lanes—or taking up precious parking spaces—while making their deliveries. It happens daily downtown, often at the height of the morning rush hour.

Now federal transportation officials are looking for a solution to get the delivery trucks blamed for clogging the roads off the streets during the busiest hours of the day.

The U.S. Department of Transportation announced a pilot program to encourage overnight deliveries in an effort to relieve congestion on city streets. The District started experimenting with this idea last spring, also hoping to reduce congestion downtown and in other busy corridors.

“The problem of daytime truck traffic is well-known to any major city in the United States and it’s time for new solutions,” said Federal Highway Administrator Gregory Nadeau in a statement. “While aggravating local traffic, trucks, too, have been forced to crawl through city streets—causing businesses losses in time, money and productivity.”

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