IBS Business Suite 2015 Helps Manage Inventory Levels and Cost

The platform improves productivity through a more connected enterprise, leading to greater visibility

Solna, SwedenOct. 31, 2014International Business Systems (IBS), a global integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) and supply chain technology provider, announced the release of IBS Business Suite 2015, a second-generation supply chain platform that helps companies manage inventory levels and cost throughout their distribution channels, minimizing operating cash requirements and enhancing customer service for improved revenues.

IBS provides ERP and warehouse management system (WMS) distribution software, preferred for consistently improving operational efficiencies and business performance for mid-market companies challenged by the complexities of managing distribution.

The full suite includes IBS Enterprise (ERP), IBS Dynaman (warehouse management), IBS Bookmaster, IBS Mobility, IBS Netstore (e-commerce) and IBS Sales & Operations Planning geared to mid-market distribution companies with complex operations in pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, publishing, automotive aftermarkets, third-party logistics (3PL) and wholesale distribution.

“Our second-generation software offers a cohesive suite of products with additional features, including ease of use and open interfaces that drive better business processes,” said Mike Verdeyen, IBS CTO. “Our sales and operations planning module offers more exception-based planning, enabling organizations to focus on the product areas where they can realize the greatest return.”

IBS Business Suite 2015 also delivers transportation management and labor management capabilities through strategic partnerships. The industry-specific functionality gives users the power to plan and execute their supply chain strategies faster and more effectively for achieving business growth.

In addition, IBS Business Suite 2015 is seamlessly integrated with IBS Analytics powered by QlikView for graphic visualization of complex business data; at a glance, users can quickly read, predict and react to information, make faster, more proactive business decisions, and achieve strategic objectives that maximize profit.

“Business intelligence is a tool set that continues to evolve from backwards looking to predictive and proactive,” said Steve Banker, service director for supply chain management at ARC Advisory Group. “The greater the visibility into the supply chain, the easier it is for a company to make course corrections toward business success. IBS is building out that capability in its latest release.”

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