Sky-High Monitoring of Cargo

Major airlines approve new cargo-tracking devices to allow the location of deliveries in near-real time and monitoring of goods

Dallas, TexasAugust 19, 2014Cargo View with FlightSafe, a new product from AT&T, allows companies to remotely monitor their shipments whether on the road or in flight. FlightSafe makes it possible for a device to automatically transition to airplane mode so that it travels in a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)-compliant mode. It is approved for use by a number of major airlines, including Air Canada, Delta, Hawaiian Airlines, Southwest, UPS and others.

The product allows companies to locate deliveries in near-real time, and monitor the condition of goods, including pharmaceuticals, electronics, sensitive documents, agricultural products and artwork. Small sensor-based devices are placed in shipments to continuously monitor the well-being of the cargo.

Cargo View with FlightSafe monitors, records and communicates:

  • Location. Using global positioning systems (GPS), the service pinpoints the location of the cargo as the aircraft lands so shippers can better support delivery and logistics scheduling.
  • Temperature. View temperature levels of sensitive cargo, such as food, pharmaceuticals and other perishables.
  • Pressure. Monitor items that are more susceptible to pressure changes at different altitudes, such as medical supplies and thin glass.
  • Light. Send an alert to logistics managers that light is detected inside a container.
  • Shock. Safeguard that shock levels are maintained so fragile items are handled with care.

AT&T Cargo View gives businesses and third-party logistics providers (3PLs) the visibility needed to improve operations and meet compliance requirements. It allows managers to react to customizable alerts that signal potential damage, unauthorized entry or environmental changes that impact the condition of the cargo.

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