Elemica Introduces New Supply Chain Operating Network Platform

Built from ground up, platform intended to improve business performance

Exton, Pa.—May 10, 2013—Elemica, a Supply Chain Operating Network provider for the process industries, announces the launch of their entirely new QuickLink platform designed to give clients complete control over their global supply chains. Being connected to Elemica means you are able to create and better manage a more market driven supply chain. The actionable information garnered from extensive trading partner connectivity, combined with robust B2B social communication capabilities, provides clients with automation and powerful insight.  Process manufacturers gain a real competitive advantage by leveraging these benefits in today’s ever more volatile and complex marketplace.     

Elemica is delighted to announce the launch of our new QuickLink platform, the highly flexible and quickly scalable supply chain value network for the future,” said John Blyzinskyj, CEO of Elemica. “Our clients want more control across their supply chains and lower costs from significantly reduced working capital requirements.  Capturing all their transaction data, enriching it to work in any construct across varied enterprises globally, and enabling better social collaboration, are fundamental to helping them achieve their goals. By building the new network platform from the ground up, and taking advantage of today’s leading edge technologies, Elemica has broken through the limitations of legacy approaches and created a supply chain network which is second to none.”

Elemica’s Supply Chain Operating Network drives greater value faster by enabling collaboration across multiple networks of corporate stakeholders and supply chain trading partners.  With today’s launch, Elemica’s clients now have the ability to perform highly scalable trading partner on-boarding campaigns that will transform their businesses.  Delivering robust capabilities, the new QuickLink Network includes:

  • Automation of customer-driven processes with a critical mass of partners
  • Management of large scale on-boarding programs
  • Actionable information derived from transactions and events
  • Social collaboration across the network
  • Expansive partner discovery search features

According to a Feb. 5, 2013 Gartner report, “IT providers focused on B2B commerce have articulated the vision of value-added B2B networks for more than 10 years.  The formidable challenge associated with doing basic B2B integration across diverse B2B communities held back many earlier attempts for participants to realize that vision.  However, companies achieving 100 percent participation in their B2B projects has led to a greater focus on the quality of B2B process execution via visibility and analytics, beyond simply its automation.” 

The new Elemica QuickLink Network captures transaction data across the entire network, creating a critical mass of real-time business information allowing partners to collectively sense and properly respond to supply and demand changes in the market.  Built in social collaboration gives clients the ability to discover, create, and build new or more robust business relationships faster.  In addition to being an efficient method for broad collaboration, social also provides clients with the ability to quickly analyze the marketplace and assess partner performance. 

“Social collaboration in the new platform means businesses can quickly search for new trading partners to connect, measure partner performance, and create more collaborative on-boarding campaigns,” adds Blyzinskyj. “These are real game changers and lead to better bottom line results.”

For more information, visit www.elemica.com.