Sabre CRS Hits High Mark

Sabre BTS(R) System tests 99.5 percent accurate

FORT WORTH/PRNewswire/ -- Sabres corporate travel management system, Sabre BTS(R), scored an A+ for its pricing capabilities in an official audit report conducted by Honeywell Corporation. The audit checked all of the company's Sabre BTS trips and found that 99.5 percent of the trips offered the lowest fares available.

Honeywell set an initial goal of achieving cost savings of five percent on travel transaction costs during the first year of Sabre BTS use. Travel transaction costs were reduced by 25 percent, far exceeding the initial goal.

"Recently we completed a third party audit of all Honeywell BTS reservations -- more than 5,000 -- booked during a six-week period in April and May," said Patrick O'Halleran, manager of travel reporting and communications at Honeywell. "We found that Sabre BTS offered the lowest available fare, inclusive of Honeywell discounts, 99.5 percent of the time. We're quite pleased with the results, it's another validation to Honeywell travelers and leadership that our online booking program is working effectively."