Staying Flexible

Agile provides new e-procurement tools

Agile Software Corporation, a provider of collaborative manufacturing commerce solutions, recently announced the establishment of new eServices hosted on, a collaborative manufacturing commerce hub that provides the dispersed supply chain with services offered by Agile and its partners. MyAgiles new eServices provide single-point access to supply chain partners, instant wireless connectivity to product content, custom part sourcing, component procurement and online marketplaces.

At Altera, many of our engineers and managers are constantly on the go, travel or have needs for fast, remote access to information, said John Latimer, Quality Systems Manager at Altera Corp., a San Jose-based supplier of programmable logic devices. Latimer expects Agiles eServices to improve information access and reduce delays in manufacturing, among other things.

Agiles new eServices include Unwired, hosted on, which enables mobile Agile customers and their supply chain partners to access and manipulate product content via wireless devices such as pagers, cellular phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs) from Palm, Handspring, Compaq and others. Agile Dashboard gives users the ability to configure their Agile Dashboard with an infinite number of partner Agile eHubs that can be concurrently accessed with the click of a button. Single-point access and single-point login to many Agile eHubs, repositories designed to store complex product content, increase efficiency by enabling users to define, change and manage product content and instantly communicate with supply chain partners or their distributed manufacturing and design locations.

Custom Parts Procurement allows users to easily submit RFQs with product specifications for custom components directly to the Ariba Sourcing marketplace, previously known as The Custom Parts Procurement eService allows customers to easily source and procure custom production parts online from a single marketplace. Components Research lets users quickly identify new suppliers for direct materials of hard-to-find and shortage parts. This eService currently allows users to access, at no additional cost, information on a vast array of electronic components, parts and accessories in the CAPSXpert system, hosted on PartMiners FreeTradeZone marketplace. MyAgiles Components Research eService allows users to quickly find suppliers and procure scarce components or identify an optimal substitute to shortage parts, thus shortening sourcing and procurement cycles and improving manufacturers time-to-volume.

Providing tools and functionality to collaborate on product content and changes seamlessly in real time over the Internet are a necessity in todays competitive environment. Winners are those executing on a vision in global collaborative manufacturing commerce by providing the solution to remotely connect the outsourced supply chain and access mission critical product content, said Hollis Bischoff, vice-president and Director, e-Business Transformation, Meta Group, Inc.

As we continue to see growth in outsourcing among our customers, MyAgile is playing a strategic role in interweaving these complex private exchanges that exist across a global manufacturing enterprise and its dispersed supply chain, said Joe Hage, Vice President of Corporate Marketing & eServices at Agile. assures fast and secure delivery of collaborative manufacturing commerce capabilities to all Agile customers and their supply chain partners. MyAgiles eServices accelerate the delivery of these value-added solutions that Agile and its best-of-breed partners provide, said Hage.