Omnexus on a Partner Spree

Even Santa's week wasn't this busy

ATLANTA  December 13, 2000  Earlier this week, Omnexus made three of its suppliers, DSM Engineering Plastics, PolyOne and Solvay, equity stakeholders of its e-marketplace. And only two days later, Resinex and Ravago were added to the list.

DSM Engineering, PolyOne and Solvay, pre-existing suppliers of Omnexus, were added to the ranks of founding companies BASF, Bayer, DuPont and Ticona/Celanese when made equity stakeholders. In addition, they were named Leadership Suppliers in the organization, chosen from Omnexus' resin, additive, and equipment producers or distributors that are strategically located worldwide. Aquiring equity in Omnexus and being a Leadership Supplier fits our long-range plans for supporting plastics processing customers, said P. Gioan, e-business coordinator of Solvay's Plastics sector. We view Omnexus as an excellent opportunity to offer our customers efficient sourcing methods through an Internet site specialized for the industry.

In addition, Resinex, and its parent company Ravego, two worldwide plastics and rubber distribution companies, joined Omnexus as suppliers, and were simultaneously named equity stakeholders and Leadership Suppliers. Rene Mueller, the European vice president of supplier relations at Omnexus said of the addition, Resinex and Ravago offer an extensive portfolio of plastics and rubber products and we are very pleased to add their complete portfolio of prime branded products to our e-marketplace. There are now more than 20 Leadership Suppliers on the Omnexus site.

Naming equity stakeholders is not all Omnexus has been up to. Last week, they finalized an alliance with CONFEROS (formerly, an Internet-based collaborative tool provider specifically designed for and marketed to companies participating in the manufacturing of plastic-based products. The alliance will allow Omnexus users access to the collaborative design capabilities of CONFEROS' ProductSync, as well as CONFEROS' NaviSense, a quick access interface for finding plastics engineering and vendor information, along with news content and messaging services.

Omnexus and CONFEROS provide different solutions to the same customer base, said Jim Morelli, CEO of CONFEROS. Our collaborative design tools complement the product and service offerings available through Omnexus. Together, we provide the plastics industry with the ability to take plastic parts from concept to production.