Towards Universal Standards

Peregrine Systems announces UDDI support

SAN DIEGO, CA  PRNewswire  December 18, 2000  Peregrine Systems, an Infrastructure Management software and e-Markets enablement solution provider, announced that its EMG department will adopt support for the Universal Description, Discovery and Integration (UDDI) Project.

The UDDI Project, formed by Ariba, IBM and Microsoft, is focused on creating a platform-independent, open framework to allow businesses to share information over the Internet regarding their preferred methods of conducting business and finding other businesses compatible with their business practices. Taking advantage of standard technologies such as XML, Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) messaging specifications, and HTTP protocols, UDDI specifies the standards on which online trading partners  buyers and sellers  integrate their business processes and systems, and manage B2B transactions.

Peregrine EMG will offer registration, discovery and trading partner enablement services to its customers via the UDDI standard through its e-business portal. Peregrine hopes the XML-enabled universal registry will help them drive deeper into established vertical markets and deploy expanded e-Commerce services to new and existing customers.

We believe that UDDI is an important industry-wide initiative representing the next step in enabling our customers to more rapidly execute new trading partner agreements and immediately begin production-level e-Trading capabilities, said Louis Blatt, Peregrine EMG senior vice president and general manager. Peregrine will leverage UDDI as part of its trading partner automation services across businesses, their online trading communities and marketplaces.

Peregrine customers will be able to directly access information on the UDDI registry through, and perform queries on trading partner capabilities and put the information to use in electronic transactions through faster integration across supply chains.