It's B2B, Mon

Precoms launches Caribbean e-commerce service

February, 8, 2001 -- Puerto Rico Electronic Commerce Solutions (Precoms) has launched its B2B electronic commerce service. Precoms enables organizations to streamline buying, selling and supply chain operations. Based on electronic commerce components from General Electric Global eXchange Services (GXS), organizations can exchange business documents (purchase orders, invoices, payments, shipping information) using a variety of methods.

To remain competitive in a global economy, companies must process transactions quickly and accurately, said Pedro Gonzalez-Santini, president of Precoms. We understand the business aspects of e-commerce. Our network is connected with GXS's, so our clients have local support with truly global reach. We provide secure Internet (VPN) and dial-in access to our clients, with interconnects to value-added networks (VANs).  

Multinationals and government agencies require e-commerce with their suppliers, typically with technologies known as EDI standards. The U.S. federal government, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Sears, Gap, K-Mart, HIPAA and others are important EDI users. Precoms makes companies EDI-capable rapidly and economically, with support for EDI, extensible markup language (XML) and virtually any format.

There is a need for a local industrial-strength e-commerce and integration provider, says Gonzalez. Companies are investing time and money in e-commerce projects that are not using global standards and are not cost-effective. It is up to managers and owners to evaluate the options that we provide. We can offer faster and more economical solutions that may include outsourcing some of the data translation so companies avoid the cost and complexity of doing this in-house. We do the heavy lifting in B2B e-commerce.

Several clients are already using traditional EDI services via Precoms. Discussions with supermarkets and retailers are in progress as are efforts in healthcare (HIPAA compliance) and banking (CTX Payments). Manufacturers in the Dominican Republic using GXS software will be supported by Precoms. Planned enhancements include wireless access, extranets, portals and marketplaces supported by Precoms' infrastructure.