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Manugistics, Microsoft and KPMG join forces

PRNewswire  February 13, 2001  In keeping with the strategic partnership tidal wave, Manugistics, Microsoft and KPMG Consulting recently announced a joint initiative to provide supply chain services designed to integrate trading partners and enhance visibility for Global 2000 customers. The companies will integrate Manugistics' supply chain offerings with Microsoft's family of .NET Enterprise Servers. KPMG will provide strategy as well as technology and software integration services. The three companies will develop joint marketing, sales and integration capabilities.

Greg Owens, Manugistics chairman and CEO, said, We're aligning with Microsoft and KPMG Consulting to help bring customers value in a short period of time. We plan to work closely with Microsoft to deliver our supply chain solutions on Windows 2000, SQL Server 2000 and BizTalk Server 2000. We will also collaborate on research and development as part of the .NET initiative with the goal of delivering supply chain and B2B solutions and services over the Internet.

The joint service is designed to help trading partners collaborate across both private and public marketplaces. The three companies will pursue global marketing and sales campaigns targeting enterprises and marketplaces in the consumer and industrial, government, and electronics and technology markets.