Blitzkrieg from Berlin

C1 crosses borders at eLink

February 20, 2001 -- In a flurry of activity at eLink Berlin, 2001, Commerce One (C1) made several key announcements that demonstrate a reach Hitler and Napolean would envy. With a foothold already in France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Italy, the behemoth enabler expanded into Portugal, Switzerland, Poland and Russia. 

To further sing their praises, C1 released the results of a recent study from UK-based Intercai Mondiale Management Consultants that marked the enabler as a leading contender in Europe.  To date, C1 boasts a total of 54 e-marketplaces powered by their products, 30 of which are regional/maintenance, repair and operations (MRO); and 24 are industry-specific.

The Pleasonton, Calif.-based company has 48 e-procurement companies across Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa.

A large part of Commerce One's success is based on one of its key products, the MarketSite Operating Environment. At eLink, the company also announced the impending release of MarketSite 4.0. Currently, MarketSite powers 141 e-marketplaces across the globe for C1's customers and is comprised of three components: an interface builder, a business services framework and an eXtensible markup language (XML) transaction platform.

Second generation MarketSite will be the foundation of MarketSet 2.0, a joint product venture between C1 and SAPMarkets. MarketSet provides collaborative communities through integrated applications that support end-to-end procurement, order management, auctions content management, planning, design and analysis. Coupled with Enterprise Buyer, an e-procurement platform that features collaborative planning and engineering, strategic sourcing, and catalog/content management, the Commerce One/SAP alliance has already delivered to some potent clients Quadrem, an e-markeplace founded by 21 of the world's largest mining, minerals and metal companies; and Enporion, an open e-marketplace founded by seven North American utility companies for the energy industry.

The two partners plan to launch both products by the end of the first quarter, 2001. 

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