The Advent of e-Print

Collabria develops new print e-commerce system

San Mateo, CA  March 26, 2001  Collabria Inc. announced its new Collabria PrintCommerce system, reported to reduce procurement costs, optimize supply chain processes and improve supplier relationships.

According to Raine Consulting Inc., large U.S. corporations spend up to 3 percent of revenues on enterprise-wide commercial print. What's more, according to CAP Ventures industry analysts, for every dollar spent on print, another $5 to $8 are spent on the associated costs of creation, revision, production and the delivery of print products. Such costs are often hidden, however, because they are spread across multiple departments and budgets throughout the enterprise. The PrintCommerce suite of applications can be applied to these fragmented processes as they relate to marketing collateral, forms, documentation and corporate stationery in support of customer acquisitions and internal operations.

Fortune 100 company Motorola Inc. uses Collabria PrintCommerce to expedite its procurement of printed corporate materials. "The Collabria PrintCommerce system allows us to consolidate three purchasing steps into one  and time is money," stated Rosemary Capparelli, finance controller at Motorola.

Oppenheimer Funds also reports saving time from using the system. "PrintCommerce has dramatically reduced printing rework, delivered an accurate product in less time with fewer phone calls and less paperwork, and has allowed me to conveniently track the ordering and fulfillment process for all of our corporate identity printed materials." 

Since January 2000, Dow Corning's 9000 employees have been leveraging the Collabria PrintCommerce system for ordering more than 2000 inventory items, amounting to thousands of requests per month. Collabria has helped Dow Corning to reduce fulfillment costs by 25 percent, reduce delivery time from two weeks to three days, reduce back orders, increase productivity and, ultimately, better serve their global customers.