The Government Way2Bid

Way2Bid and GovStreet USA join efforts to offer online purchasing for local governments

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- April 5, 2001 - GovStreetUSA and Way2Bid, providers of online purchasing systems for state and local governments, announced that they are joining efforts to provide more purchasing options online. GovStreetUSA will combine its services for aggregate pricing for information technology purchases with Way2Bid's focus on online interactive bidding and auctioning services.

Under the partnership, participating jurisdictions will have access to both systems, depending on their purchasing needs. For purchases of information technology products that do not need to be bid to vendors, jurisdictions will have access to GovStreetUSA pricing on information technology products from over 800 manufacturers. For purchases that need to go through the public purchasing process of bidding or sealed bidding, members will be able to use the Way2Bid Exchange. Through the exchange, jurisdictions can interact with vendors to complete bids, sealed bids and catalog buys for goods and services.

"This partnership allows us to provide the public sector with a greater reach of purchasing options," Bill Perkin, Way2Bid CEO, said. "That's what Way2Bid is all about."

"We are delighted to join forces with Way2Bid" said Thomas W. Straub, GovStreetUSA CEO. "With the growing demand for on-line purchasing by government entities, the ability to provide a full spectrum of procurement options, brings real value to our government customers."