A Whirlwind of PKI

Cyclone, VeriSign team to guard data

San Francisco  April 11, 2001  Trust services provider VeriSign and Cyclone Commerce, a provider of trading community management solutions, today announced an agreement to leverage VeriSign's PKI services to accelerate the deployment of secure trading communities and the exchange of information over the Internet. The companies are working together to develop an XKMS-compliant version of Cyclone's Interchange product suite to provide companies and their trading partners with a fluid method for accessing VeriSign's authentication and digital certificate services.

Cyclone Interchange enables businesses to exchange information such as invoices, sales reports, purchase orders, financial account information or medical records with PKI-enabled document-level security. Previously, customers had to manually purchase digital certificates using a browser and then import the certificates into their partner profiles within Cyclone Interchange. Cyclone's support of XKMS, which makes using PKI easier for end users, will automate the importation of certificates and expedite the addition of new partners to Internet-based trading communities.

"An interoperable trust infrastructure is critical for building and managing Internet-based trading communities in retail, healthcare and other industries served by Cyclone," said Anil Pereira, senior vice president and group general manager for VeriSign's Enterprise and Service Provider Division. "By leveraging VeriSign's trusted infrastructure, Cyclone is making it easier to provide trading communities with higher security levels than ever before."

"VeriSign's next-generation Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) services make it easy to support highly sensitive B2B transactions with data-level security, providing businesses with the confidence to use the Internet for exchanging business critical information," said Dave Bennett, CTO and co-founder of Cyclone Commerce. "By working with VeriSign, Cyclone Interchange customers will gain the assurance they need to increase the volume and types of transactions they complete online, while meeting security requirements."

Cyclone's trading community management solutions automate the secure exchange of business-critical information over the Internet, reducing operational costs while meeting security needs. Its flagship product, Cyclone Interchange is a leader in the use of PKI for performing user authentication, document-level encryption and providing digitally signed receipts that ensure files were not tampered with en route.