You Got Software in My Consulting!

Deloitte, Vignette continue partnership trend

New York and Austin, TX  May 17, 2001  In a few years, will software companies and consulting firms be as inextricably linked in common language as stocks and bonds, peanut butter and jelly or Edsel and XFL? Maybe, if the trend toward alliances continues. Latest to join the fad are Vignette Corp. and Deloitte Consulting, which today announced an alliance to jointly implement solutions based on Vignette's suite of content, integration and analysis applications. As one of their first customers under the new alliance, Deloitte & Touche has selected Vignette to power several of its global Web sites.

"Our collaboration with Vignette will enable us to offer clients adaptable, modular Internet solutions that enhance the online experience for customers and partners, said Steve Pratt, Deloitte Consulting's global leader for customer relationship management (CRM). "This alliance plays a key role in Deloitte Consulting's expansion of its e-business services and underscores our goal is to provide clients with the leading technologies on the market."

Through the alliance, e-business professionals from Deloitte Consulting will collaborate with Vignette to deploy customer-focused Internet applications. By developing solutions based on Vignette's content, integration and analysis applications, Deloitte Consulting will help organizations manage and deliver online content, integrate e-business applications with other business systems, and measure the success of e-business initiatives.

"Vignette and Deloitte Consulting share a common vision of providing e-business solutions that help companies continuously innovate and sustain long-term relationships with customers," said Thomas Hogan, president and chief operating officer at Vignette. "By combining the world-class professional services of Deloitte Consulting consultants with Vignette's industry-leading Internet applications, our customers will be able to quickly deploy powerful e-business solutions and begin to immediately accelerate a return on their investment."

Deloitte Consulting will initially train 25 of its practitioners on Vignette applications and will provide access to Vignette's software suite in Deloitte Consulting's e-Studios and Solution Centers in New York City, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Toronto, Canada; Bath, U.K.; Sydney, Australia; and Auckland, New Zealand.

We are confident that Vignette will be a vital element of the portfolio of technologies that we offer clients. By placing Vignette's applications in our e-Studios and Solution Centers we create rapid development and demonstration capabilities for clients around the world, said Jeff Farin, managing director of Deloitte Consulting's e-Business Services.