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Vegemite meets grits via the supply chain

Sydney, Australia  May 30, 2001  If this doesn't prove the international nature of B2B, I don't know what will. Australian specialist logistics company TDG Logistics Limited has selected supply chain event management (SCEM) software and services from Atlanta-based Viewlocity to integrate and e-enable its supply chain. The selection forms the basis of TDG's move to collaborate with its customers and external trading partners, and gain better visibility of its supply chain in order to enhance operational efficiencies and reduce operating costs.

As a logistics provider, TDG Logistics faces significant supply chain visibility challenges; Viewlocity's solutions will enable us to monitor and action events that occur within the supply chain in real-time, adding value to information, said Ray Connell, information technology manager of TDG Logistics. We are also looking to Viewlocity to provide the infrastructure to integrate our customers and partners, who all have different systems, applications and data.

TDG Logistics has adopted an enterprise approach and will implement Viewlocity's Shipment Visibility software to monitor supply chain events and Viewlocity's Integration Broker for external integration (B2Bi), and internal enterprise application integration (EAI). Viewlocity's solutions are designed to TDG to better use its assets, drive supply chain costs down and improve service levels.

The extensive alerts and monitoring capability that our visibility applications provide will give TDG Logistics real-time access to all the information in its supply chain, so it can act on information efficiently and quickly, preventing wasted inventory building up, said Nic Pollock, managing director for Viewlocity in Australia and New Zealand. All our supply chain event management applications operate over the Internet, so anyone from TDG can log on anywhere in the world to get information on fulfillment, and receive updates at anytime on the movements of products along the supply chain.