Siebel Sells Software by the Seashore

MRO Software adopts sales solution

San Mateo, CA  June 8, 2001  With the summer doldrums in full swing, news coming out of the B2B "space" is running a little slow these days. Traditionally when the news flow turns sluggish, mainstream journalists turn to interviewing each other to fill up airtime and column space. For those of us covering B2B, the equivalent is writing about software companies selling software to other software companies.

And so today's news menu includes a little story about software companies Siebel Systems and MRO Software, the former of which has announced that it sold one its solutions to the latter.

MRO Software, which provides solutions for maintenance optimization, industrial supply chain planning and supplier enablement, has adopted Siebel Sales software in an effort to streamline its sales processes worldwide and track and process orders more efficiently.

Claiming more than 8,000 clients, MRO Software markets its products through a direct sales force, combined with a network of international distributors. The Siebel software provides MRO with greater visibility into its sales pipeline, allowing for more accurate sales forecasting.

Since MRO Software uses PeopleSoft for its order processing and accounting software, and Siebel Sales has been integrated with PeopleSoft order processing and accounting applications, MRO Software says it can fill and invoice its orders faster than before implementing the new solution.