Descartes Teams with Cognos

Adds data query, analysis features to logistics offering

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Waterloo, Ontario  July 30, 2001  Descartes Systems Group is supplementing its supply chain and logistics management applications offering with data query, analysis and reporting features provided by software from business intelligence solution provider Cognos.

Descartes provides its customers with supply chain event monitoring, real-time logistics execution, logistics planning and optimization, and supply chain analytics through its Descartes Networks, which functions as a central communications infrastructure for corporate supply chains.

Companies exchange millions of logistics-related messages via the network each month, providing them with real-time visibility into their supply chains. These messages are also recorded in the network's data repositories. Cognos' PowerPlay and Impromptu solutions provide a means of querying the information about actual logistics activities that take place throughout a company's supply chain over the network. The software also allows companies to analyze the performance of their supply chain to identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks.

"The Cognos solutions offer our customers and their trading partners a fast and effective way to access information from the Descartes Network and analyze the overall performance of their supply chains," said Beth Enslow, senior vice president of product strategy at Descartes, which was founded in 1981.

Ted Jandl, vice president at 32-year-old Cognos, said: "The Descartes Global Logistics Services Network holds an incredible amount of information and a high level of detail about the logistics activities that take place throughout a company's supply chain. Cognos provides decision support tools over the Descartes Network to help companies tap into the wealth of information available to them to effectively analyze the logistics activities and overall performance of their supply chains."