Web site aims to help smaller CPG companies

Chicago  August 13, 2001  Information Resources has launched a new e-commerce Web site designed to provide fast-growing consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies with the same market analysis and insights as their more established and larger competitors. With this online service, customers can select and purchase market intelligence available from IRI's InfoScan retail tracking service to meet their specific business needs.

The Web site offers a variety of customizable reports and industry studies that enable CPG customers to make more informed and faster decisions with a higher sense of confidence. The site also allows sales and marketing decision-makers to better manage risk knowing they are using similar IRI analysis and insight as that used by the larger manufacturers, retailers and analysts in the CPG industry.

"Our new KnowlEdge Group Web site provides customers easy access to the intelligence they need to quickly identify and take action on key business issues and opportunities," said Kevin O'Malley, vice president, IRI's Marketing Group. "And because the reports are Web-based and affordably priced, they can access the expert reports they need whenever, where ever and however they need it."

"The site completely met my needs and exceeded my expectations," said Dave Doubek of the Imperial Sugars Co. "It was easy to access and customize the reports to quickly get the information I needed on specific markets and products. This site will be an especially effective tool for our field sales and marketing teams."

IRI launched the KnowlEdge Group in 2000 to focus on and respond to the needs of fast-growing clients in the CPG industry. In addition to the Web site, the KnowlEdge group continues to develop products and services to help growing CPG companies close the gap with their largest competitors.