e-Sourcing in the EU

European CPG e-marketplace signs three-year deal with B2eMarkets

Tempe, AZ  September 24, 2001  European consumer packaged goods marketplace CPGmarket.com has signed a three-year deal to use B2eMarkets' sourcing software to power its online e-sourcing service.

CPG giants Danone, Henkel and Nestle founded CPGmarket.com in March 2000, along with SAPmarkets. Headquartered in Geneva, the online marketplace offers suppliers and manufacturers a set of integrated procurement and supply chain solutions tailored to the complexities of the European market.

The marketplace has been working with B2eMarkets since September 2000 to develop the e-sourcing service, which went live in October 2000. The agreement announced today extends CPGmarket.com's use of the sourcing software for three years.

CPGmarket.com has already trained more than 1,000 suppliers and 400 buyers in five languages to use its electronic sourcing and negotiation tools. CPGmarket.com says its users have conducted more than 200 events, with traded volume exceeding 200 million Euros ($182 million), for goods such as food, chemicals, diverse packaging, raw materials, plastics and services.

The marketplace claims that its customers have achieved average savings of 10 percent to 15 percent, with a maximum of 40 percent savings on some events.

The B2eSourcing platform enables CPGmarket.com members to issue multi-variable requests for information, quotes or proposals, establish supplier qualifications and conduct multi-round, private tenders or public auctions with players of the consumer packaged goods industry in Europe.

"The real value of the B2eSourcing solution is that it enables our members to conduct both public auctions and private offers from an integrated supply chain platform," said Marie-Pierre Rogers, CEO of CPGmarket.com. "This addition to the CPGmarket.com service offerings brings full end-to-end supply chain solutions to meet all of our members sourcing needs  both strategic and non-strategic  from a centralised location."