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ManufacturingQuote launches hybrid private/public e-sourcing solution

Smyrna, GA  October 16, 2001  Industrial buyers looking for e-procurement tools got a new option this week with the release of a hybrid private/public e-sourcing solution from ManufacturingQuote.

MfgQuote ProBuyer v.1 allows buyers to source within their own private supply chain or tap into new suppliers through ManufacturingQuote's public e-marketplace, called the MfgQuote Network.

In announcing the release of ProBuyer, the solution provider said the software would provide an online medium that protects existing buyer/supplier relationships, while also fostering trust and security between buyers and suppliers forging relationships for the first time.

"MfgQuote ProBuyer is our answer to the value equation of public versus private e-marketplaces," said Mitch Free, president and CEO of ManufacturingQuote. "Many buyers have asked for the flexibility to work with their existing suppliers in conjunction with our public e-marketplace. MfgQuote ProBuyer was conceived to leverage a company's internal sourcing intelligence and, at the same time, forge new and strategic supply chain relationships."

The new product is an updated version of MfgQuote's collaborative procurement management (CPM) technology. The solution provider said that ProBuyer provides for supplier relationship management (SRM), expanded transactional functionality for the buyer, new management features and a range of new reporting and data analysis tools that provide information on sourcing activities.

The software also establishes a "control center" linking buyers within an organization and acting as a shared knowledge base on sourcing.

ManufacturingQuote is a privately-held Atlanta-area company that develops and markets its public e-marketplace for custom manufacturing services, such as precision CNC machining, molding, casting or rapid prototyping. The company, which also creates private label solutions for individual corporations, stresses that it provides a non-auction procurement environment.