Supply Chain Operations, Served Fresh

Collaborative commerce is on the menu for The Honey Baked Ham Co.

Atlanta  November 5, 2001  Logility Inc., a supplier of B2B collaborative commerce solutions, announced today that The HoneyBaked Ham Co., a specialty food retailer, has selected Logility Voyager Solutions to streamline supply chain operations company-wide.

The HoneyBaked Ham Co. will use Logility Voyager Solutions to forecast the demand and replenishment of perishable food items while reducing inventory and waste throughout the entire supply chain. Through the use of Logility Voyager Event Planning, The HoneyBaked Ham Co. will track the specific lift of promotional campaigns on top of its normal seasonal demand patterns. Kent Smith, president of The HoneyBaked Ham Co. said another draw of the Logility solution was the fact that it had many different functions in one package. The improved visibility is expected to result in better customer service and increased profitability through optimized inventory and improved in-stock shelf levels.

"Using Logility Voyager Solutions the company will gain visibility into demand for holiday sales as well as special promotional events, said Logility CEO, Mike Edenfield. This will allow The HoneyBaked Ham Co. reach its ultimate goal  providing its customers the freshest products possible throughout the year, and especially during peak seasons."

The HoneyBaked Ham Co. will be using Logility Voyager Solutions Demand Planning, Inventory Planning and Event Planning. Demand Planning reconciles demand history, orders, point-of-sale (POS) data and other information to produce overviews of demand by item, location, customer and/or group. Inventory Planning calculates the optimal balance between inventory quantities and desired levels of service based on industry best practices. Event Planning enables collaboration inside companies to integrate marketing plans for special events and promotions with manufacturing, logistics and distribution operations.