SeeCommerce for Sears' Supply Chain

Retailer seeks better control over inventory at stores

Palo Alto, CA  November 27, 2001  Sears, Roebuck and Co. has implemented supply chain visibility solutions from SeeCommerce in a bid to give the retailer better control over the inventory across its 900 stores nationwide, the solution provider announced this week.

Sears recently completed a 90-day implementation of the solution provider's SeeChain Supplier, SeeChain Inventory and SeeChain Logistics applications. By immediately beginning to roll out the SeeCommerce applications to its larger, strategic suppliers, Sears is betting that it will be better able to respond to the many logistics and inventory changes involved in managing its inventory.

"Managing the breadth and depth of inventory involved in a retail supply chain as complex as Sears' is no small task, particularly with all of the disparate legacy systems we have in place," said Dave Giometti, vice president of supply chain and vendor relations for Sears. "SeeCommerce aggregates that information to provide us with one enterprise view of our supply network, allowing Sears to significantly reduce average inventories while maintaining high levels of service to our stores."

SeeCommerce said that by using the applications, Sears will be able to proactively manage and monitor the movement of inventory between suppliers and across multiple stores and warehouses. The solution provider said its applications will provide improved visibility into movement in Sears' supply chain and allow the company to address potential issues in real-time, before they have a chance to play out.

"SeeCommerce's applications provide visibility and real-time collaboration for all members of our supply chain, including replenishment, merchandise planning, transportation, distribution and our vendors," said Steve Poplawski, Sears' vice president of merchandise planning and placement for hardlines. "Within six months, Sears expects between 200 and 300 users on the system nationwide."