No Vertical Limit

Yankee Group Report explores vertical market opportunities in the service provider market beyond consolidation

BOSTON  December 5, 2001 In a recently released report by the Yankee Group's E-Sourcing Strategies research and consulting practice, the company explores the opportunities for growth in tomorrow's IT services market, and advises that service providers must offer solutions that address the specific needs of vertical industries.

According to the Yankee Group, while consolidation and reorganization in the IT services market is expected to continue into 2002, the market's overall outlook remains strong. The Yankee Group's forecast of the worldwide IT services market indicates it will grow to over $345 billion by 2002.

Carrie Lewis, E-Sourcing Strategies analyst and author of the Report, advises: "The answer to what the services market will look like post-reorganization can be found by identifying the market's growth opportunities, and the tactics that vendors are using to take advantage of these opportunities. The opportunities for growth have definitely shifted, but new opportunities are emerging." Some of the emerging opportunities for service providers that Lewis explores in this Report include developing go-to-market strategies targeting vertical industries, and re-architecting and leveraging horizontal delivery mechanisms to provision complex solutions that meet the unique needs of vertical industries.

The Yankee Group Report, "Beyond Consolidation: Opportunities in Tomorrow's xSP Market," offers insight to both end users and vendors who want to know what tomorrow's IT services market will look like after this year's massive restructuring.