They Shoot. They Scorecard!

ABC Technologies' scorecard certified by Balanced Scorecard Collaborative

PORTLAND  January 10, 2002  With the increasing emphasis on efficiency and improving business processes, the use of scorecards has become more prominent. Newly emerging scorecards have become more prominent, too.

The newest scorecard comes from ABC Technologies, who announced today that its OROS Scorecard has been certified by the Balanced Scorecard Collaborative. According to promotional information, OROS Scorecard was designed to provide a framework to give managers/executives and employees refined and relevant financial and non-financial performance information.

The Balanced Scorecard Collaborative has established a set of Standards for Balanced Scorecard applications. These standards provide guidance to organizations to assist in the evaluation of Scorecard applications, as well as define the development guidelines for the Balanced Scorecard methodology. OROS Scorecard has earned the Balanced Scorecard Collaborative Certified mark, indicating that the application conforms to these guidelines and has been validated with end users.

ABC's Active Enterprise Management (AEM) integrates Oros applications into an enterprise methodology to facilitate the management of core activities, resources and processes. OROS Scorecard, a key component of AEM, enables an organization to develop a scorecard that is powerful and flexible, provides access to all details on performance measures from throughout the enterprise, and the ability to collaborate and communicate strategic vision to customers.

Laura Downing, vice president, Balanced Scorecard Collaborative said, "We have developed the Balanced Scorecard Collaborative Certified Program based on Balanced Scorecard Functional Standards to ensure that the Balanced Scorecard name maintains meaning and that any investment made in associated software retains its value. Certification validates that OROS Scorecard meets strict qualification criteria while enabling ABC to deliver a scalable, Internet-deployed application within the Active Enterprise Management framework."