Web Services for Global Trade

NextLinx unveils lightweight software to facilitate cross-border trading

Rockville, MD  March 5, 2002  NextLinx Corp., a provider of global trade content and management solutions, today rolled out a new Web services solution aimed at facilitating a company's cross-border trading activities.

The software, Web Services for Global Trade, embeds trade-party screening, import and export license determination, document determination, document generation and landed costs calculation functionality directly into a client's existing supply chain, e-commerce and logistics business software applications, according to NextLinx.

The solution plugs into and operates in the background of existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, and it also uses Web services to tap into Global Knowledge, NextLinx's centrally managed database of international trade content for more than 100 countries.

"Web Services for Global Trade allows our customers to leverage their existing and future IT infrastructures and take full advantage of NextLinx's comprehensive database of global trade business rules and content," said Rajiv Uppal, CEO of NextLinx.

The solution provider said its software can extend existing business software applications into a global system for exporting, importing and exercising "reasonable care" in complying with international trade laws.

Web Services for Global Trade consists of a business software application adapter, eXtensible Markup Language (XML)-formatted requests and responses utilizing HTTP, a trade content engine for handling the requests and responses and the secure delivery of that content over the Internet.