PeopleSoft Roundup

Service automation for mid-market, portal solution for mid- to large enterprises

Pleasanton, CA  March 12, 2002  News both for the mid-market and for larger enterprises today from software provider PeopleSoft.

On the mid-market front, the provider announced that services firms Crestone International and Advanced Group of Companies have implemented PeopleSoft's services automation solution in an effort to more effectively manage spending on projects and services.*

The software company said its Accelerated Enterprise Service Automation (ESA) solution, designed for businesses with less than $500 million in annual revenue, provides mid-market companies with real-time visibility and control over contracted services and projects, which PeopleSoft pegs as the largest hidden costs in businesses today.

"Companies are finding that services often represent more than 50 percent of their total expenditures," said Jeffrey Read, vice president and general manager at PeopleSoft Mid-Market. "PeopleSoft Accelerated ESA is enabling small- to medium-sized companies manage and control this services spend by identifying projects and contracts that deliver the highest return, and eliminating those that are lower in priority."

Crestone, a "virtual provider" of enterprise systems consulting services, is using Accelerated ESA to track the skills of its remote employees, assign appropriate resources and monitor time and expenses against project budgets. The solution will let the company attribute profitability to specific projects and clients, which should allow the company to make more strategic resource investments.

In addition, the solution provides a centralized system into which Crestone employees worldwide can enter, on a self-service basis, their travel costs and timesheets.

"PeopleSoft Accelerated ESA allows us to accurately match consultants' skills to project requirements, reduce operating costs and improve service to our clients," said Crestone CEO Cal Yonker.

Advanced Group of Companies, a staffing company, deployed the PeopleSoft solution to manage a collaborative network of its customers, contractors and employees. The solution allows employees and candidates to share hiring information in real time and automates such tasks as filing job applications and timesheets, resulting in operational efficiencies.

"As a staffing firm, we are an intermediary bringing candidates and clients together," said Leo Sheridan, the company's CEO. "PeopleSoft Accelerated ESA enables Advanced Group of Companies to provide our recruiters and account executives with the information needed to service candidates and clients in the most professional manner."

Also today, PeopleSoft reported that more than 350 customers have licensed its Enterprise Portal since the solution was introduced one year ago.

The software provider says that Enterprise Portal connects people and businesses processes within and outside their organizations, thereby improving collaboration and overall efficiency. For example, the solution gives customers secure access to relevant business processes and content, improving productivity by reducing the amount of time users spend searching for unnecessary information, according to PeopleSoft.

The portal's framework allows customers to integrate critical business content from departmental sites, enterprise management systems, analytic applications, e-mail, calendars and third-party content. Additionally, the Enterprise Portal allows users to input and manage their own portal content, minimizing IT involvement and reducing costs, PeopleSoft said.

Mid-market and large customers licensing the PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal in the last 12 months include Toyota Motor Manufacturing North America, Home Depot, BEA Systems, Verizon Wireless, Freddie Mac, Interwoven, Lear Corp., Pharmacia and Sager Electronics.

Sager Electronics, a Massachusetts-based electronics distributor, was looking for a solution that would give its customers, sales force and suppliers real-time access to critical order management information. "Our customer-facing portal, Sager Connect, will allow customers instant access to valuable information needed to do their jobs more efficiently," said Frank Flynn, president of Sager Electronics. "We are now in a better position to share more information with our customers, anticipate their needs, and ultimately provide the best customer service to them."

* For more information on professional services e-procurement, see the article "It's All About People," the Net Best Thing column in the February/March issue of iSource Business (<>).