The Distributed Advantage

BEA and Yantra team up for distributed order and inventory management

Tewksbury, MA  April 1, 2002  Distributed commerce management solution provider BEA Systems Inc. and Yantra Corp., a provider of enterprise solutions, announced they are extending their relationship, as Yantra has embedded the BEA WebLogic Enterprise Platform into Yantra's Distributed Commerce Management Suite and agreed to support BEA WebLogic Portal.

Under the new agreement, Yantra and BEA are targeting consumer goods, retail, distribution and logistics, chemical, and high-tech companies.

With the combination of BEA's cross-platform application server and portal technology and Yantra's distributed order and inventory management applications, users will be able to deploy and manage high-volume commerce environments that involve multiple channels, business units and trading partners. The agreement also provides customers with a single point of contact for service, support and maintenance.

In addition, the BEA WebLogic Portal enables Yantra's application users and their extended trading partners to simplify and customize their access to order and inventory information based on business process, workflow and participant roles.

Scott Edgington, vice president and general manager, global software partners, BEA Systems, said the WebLogic Portal is a very strategic application for companies trying to reach new customers, sell additional products and services, reduce inventories and manage outsourcing partnerships. "By combining Yantra's distributed commerce management applications with BEA's application platform technologies, we're enabling the most reliable and flexible commerce environments possible," he commented.

"As more and more Global 2000 companies look to Yantra to manage commerce across their extended enterprises, BEA's WebLogic enables us to deliver the highest performance possible in mission-critical commerce environments," said Robert Sweeney, vice president, product management at Yantra.

The partnership strengthens the technical relationship between the two companies, extending it into their sales, marketing and development efforts. Yantra and BEA already have many joint customers, including Target, Hallmark, Motorola and Allogis, a subsidiary of DHL.

BEA WebLogic Server is available immediately as part of Yantra's new Version 4.0, released in October 2001. Integration between Yantra's suite and BEA WebLogic Portal will be available in Spring 2002.