Secure Transport

Provider's three-part approach to supply chain security links to electronic seal technology

Long Beach, CA  May 6, 2002  Savi Technology recently rolled out an application intended to monitor and manage the physical security of containers and their contents as they pass through the global supply chain.

Savi's Transportation Security software is part of the provider's three-part approach to supply chain security, which also includes the company's family of electronic seals based on radio frequency identification (RFID) technology and UDAP, Savi's open communications protocol that enables interoperability with other automated data collection systems such as barcode, GPS and other hardware-based systems.

The solution lets shippers, logistics service providers, asset owners or other enabling parties, such as carriers and ports, to enhance their "real-time" capabilities of container tracking and security, Savi said.

The system can be deployed and integrated with existing processes and programs to enhance automation, visibility, management and status of selected containers, providing both added security and enhanced visibility into the supply chain in motion, according to the solution provider.

"Our integrated supply chain security solution is unique in that it can ensure that all container movements can be accounted for from point of origin to destination and that their status and condition can be continuously monitored," asserted Blair LaCorte, executive vice-president of Savi Technology. "With this data electronically maintained with the container, we can enable the 'virtual inspection' of every container in advance of arrival."

Savi's security solution is designed to gather and report to authorized parties all records of inspection and sealing activity, including confirmation that seals and containers remain secured as they move from origin to destination and to provide immediate alerts of any unauthorized tampering or exceptions to defined security processes.