IT Solution Resonates with Fiat

Automaker taps service-level management solutions to manage supply chain application

Sunnyvale, CA  July 18, 2002  Italian automaker Fiat has tapped provider Resonate's service-level management solution for business-critical applications to ensure optimal end-user performance and high availability levels for its supply chain application.

Resonate said its Central Dispatch, a LAN-based traffic management product, provides high availability and optimal performance for online services, ensuring a positive end-user experience. Managing all requests at the Web and application tier, Central Dispatch allows multiple Internet servers to act as a single, scalable managed Internet server system.

Accessed by hundreds of Fiat employees and partners around the world, Fiat's supply chain application tracks millions of new and replacement auto parts manufactured by it and other suppliers.

When a replacement part is needed, dealers contact Fiat to receive a fully functioning and reconditioned part through its core exchange program, which is powered by its supply chain application. Fiat initially developed its supply chain application on a mainframe system, but the company is gradually migrating towards a Web-based application to facilitate increased accessibility and functionality.

To ensure round-the-clock availability and optimum delivery of critical supply chain data, Fiat selected Resonate's Central Dispatch software to deliver end-user service levels and operating efficiencies.

Central Dispatch routes end-users around problems, eliminating potential bottlenecks in the parts-replacement process and ensuring transaction completion. As a result, Resonate said Fiat does not need to invest a lot of time or money in resolving costly problems.

"We are pleased to offer manufacturing and logistics companies like Fiat a service level management solution that improves the performance of business-critical applications and maintains a positive end-user experience," said Jean Francois Guyomar, vice president of EMEA for Resonate. "By resolving critical service issues promptly, Fiat is in a position to more effectively meet the needs of its supply chain application users and in turn, will be better able to serve its customers."