G-Log Lands Newell Rubbermaid

Consumer goods manufacturer adopts transportation and logistics software across business units

Shelton, CN  October 1, 2002  Consumer products manufacturer Newell Rubbermaid is set to use a transportation and logistics solution to manage and optimize shipments across nearly 30 business units.

The manufacturer, whose brands include such household names as Rubbermaid, Levolor and Sharpie, will use solution provider G-Log's Global Command and Control Center (GC3) software to transform its transportation and logistics operations.

G-Log says that the solution combines supply chain visibility and execution functionality, enabling business units to autonomously manage the logistics lifecycle from shipment order to freight settlement.

The provider will initially work with the Rubbermaid business unit to deploy the GC3 software and then eventually expand usage across the other Newell Rubbermaid business units. The software is to provide the manufacturer with a unified picture of its logistics process, from order placement to freight settlement, for both inbound shipments from suppliers and outbound shipments to major retailers.

In addition, Newell Rubbermaid will use the software to help synchronize transportation activity across its supply chain network with the goal of enabling better inventory management and increased throughput for the company as well as its retailers and suppliers.

Newell Rubbermaid is looking to the solution to help eliminate legacy systems and manual tasks, reducing information technology costs as a result of fewer systems to administer, integrate and maintain. The company is also counting on the software to provide better decision support by eliminating critical logistics information gaps between multiple, disparate systems; to offer proactive monitoring and alert notifications about product movements from supplier to end customer; and to offer real-time planning, execution and event management so that the manufacturer can react "on the fly" and divert and expedite shipments in the most optimal fashion.

"The flexibility and scalability of the G-Log technology is what sold us on the system," said Brian Mayer, vice president of global transportation for Newell Rubbermaid. "Whether we're exporting a thousand pounds of plastic pellets to make Little Tikes playhouses or shipping finished product from Hong Kong to Rotterdam and then trucking them to Frankfurt, G-Log will help every step of the way by providing us with visibility and data to help us make better transportation decisions."

This week has been a good one for G-Log: Just today, the provider announced that USCO Logistics, a North American provider of integrated supply chain solutions, has selected GC3 to optimize shipments across the supply chain.