Publix Taps Elogex

Largest employee-owned U.S. supermarket chain to improve logistics with new solution

Charlotte, NC -- April 14, 2003 -- Elogex Inc., a leading innovator of network-based logistics solutions, announced today that Publix has signed a multi-year contract to use the Elogex OneNetwork. Publix said it would use the system across its distribution network to link its operations with carriers and manufacturers on a unified platform. This will support execution requirements, such as load tendering, online appointment scheduling, freight procurement and payment, and more strategic opportunities around continuous moves and inbound visibility.

"In order to be competitive in retail, transportation efficiency is a must," said Publix Spokesman Lee Branson. "This requires us to shorten lead times, increase service levels and reduce stockouts. We expect Elogex to help us reach increasing levels of supply chain performance and cost competitiveness."

According to Elogex, the consumer goods industry faces significant challenges, including fierce competition for consumer spending. The provider said an efficient supply chain must manage time-sensitive products effectively, including perishables, promotional items and seasonal stock.

"Today, companies are being very selective with regard to IT investments," said Adrian Gonzalez, director, Logistics Executive Council for ARC Advisory Group. "Priority is being given to solutions that can quickly and cost-efficiently increase productivity, minimize costs, and enable continuous improvement."

Travis Parsons, president and CEO of Elogex, said, "This solution will enable Publix to reach across its enterprise, including the company's warehouses and its entire product line, to link processes and people."

Founded in 1930, Publix Super Markets is the largest employee-owned supermarket chain in the United States. With 2002 sales of $15.9 billion, Publix operates 755 stores in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama and Tennessee.