Marketing Firm Selects TMS Solution

Archway Marketing Services to implement transportation management to better address clients' shipping and handling needs

Montreal — May 28, 2003 — TECSYS Inc., a supply chain management (SCM) software company, today announced it has signed an agreement with Archway Marketing Services to implement its EliteSeries Enterprise Transportation Management System (TMS). The marketing company provides a suite of marketing executive services including fulfillment, customer service and information management solutions.

Archway General Manager Don Plantenberg said a long-term client that was in need of a North American third-party logistics (3PL) warehouse solution recently approached his company, which precipitated the need for a TMS solution. "We have worked with this particular client for a number of years in the United States, and we needed to react and respond very quickly to their unique North American operation requirements," he explained. While Archway was able to provide the solution, it had to address the client's transportation management needs, specifically with regard to the its shipping and handling processes.

After reviewing the startup requirements, Archway said it searched for a solution that was fully certified in Canada with such carriers as Canada Post Corp., Purolator, DHL, FEDEX Canada and others. In addition, it wanted a complete transportation system versus the traditional manifest-based systems.

Plantenberg said that by integrating a TMS solution with its existing business systems, Archway would be able to streamline the business processes, increase the volume of packages shipped per day and utilize current labor resources.

TECSYS fit the requirements of the marketing services provider.

"Implementing TECSYS' solution gives us the ability to be fully compliant and certified with all the large carriers throughout Canada immediately, with the added benefit of being able to load in all of the U.S. rates for cross border shipments," Plantenberg said.

He added that the design of the TMS application integrates in Archway's existing WMS application. "This enables us to pass information back and forth and streamline our processes for shipping and handling products. With such diverse product sourcing and global operations, we wanted to ensure that we are delivering the very best in service and supplies to our customers," he said.

EliteSeries Enterprise TMS will initially be implemented at Archway's new location in Brampton, Ontario, according to TECSYS. With its Windows NT platform running the SQL database, the TMS solution will provide Archway and its clients the ability to track the status of orders and shipments placed. All the rating tables will be maintained in a central database, accessible by all stations throughout the facility.

Archway Marketing Services is scheduled to go live with EliteSeries Enterprise TMS by June of 2003.