Additional 60,000 Customers Eligible for Drone Delivery

Last-mile delivery in the food and beverage space continues to become more high-tech, now that Flytrex receives approval to double drone delivery radius.

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On-demand drone delivery service Flytrex makes an interesting case in the last-mile space, as it receives approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to expand from one to two nautical miles across all its operating stations in North Carolina and Texas. This follows news of Amazon planning its drone delivery rollout in California sometime this year. While drones will not likely be completely commonplace, with every other delivery happening by drone, these steps are pathways to a new and competitive last-mile marketplace. With the significant driver shortage still occurring simultaneously with an increase in last-mile demand, there could be a place for significant drone use. 

Per Flytrex

  • Deliveries will be made in cooperation with longtime partner Causey Aviation Unmanned, offering food, drinks and other goods to approximately 100,000 eligible customers that can opt into the service – a substantial increase from the 40,000 customers that were previously eligible. Flytrex and Causey will conduct all flights while maintaining the highest safety standards.
  • This approval is the latest of several achievements for Flytrex, including the recent expansion of its drone delivery service to Granbury, Texas, just outside of Dallas-Fort Worth. Flytrex also has three operational stations in the state of North Carolina: in Fayetteville, Raeford, and Holly Springs. With a rapidly growing list of collaborations with leading restaurant and retail chains, Flytrex completes thousands of deliveries every month. 
  • The process for ordering delivery via drone will remain the same at each location. Eligible customers will be able to purchase a wide variety of food orders and goods from nearby stores and local restaurants and cafes. Orders are placed using the Flytrex app, which updates customers regarding their order status along the route until the package is lowered safely by wire into their backyards.