VERGE SF @Greenbuild

VERGE @ Greenbuild will bring together the emerging ecosystem of companies, products and services at the convergence of energy, information, building, and transportation technologies.

November 12, 2012
November 13, 2012

VERGE conferences feature thought leaders from a wide variety of sectors and include fresh perspectives on the innovative ideas, business opportunities, and enabling technologies shaping our future. It's a big picture focus, targeting executives and senior management with opportunities to learn and discuss real world challenges and what the future holds within the VERGE domains:

  • Data: Big, Open and Shared
  • Smarter Supply Chains
  • Next-Gen Buildings, Facilities & Campuses
  • Cities 2.0
  • Connected Vehicles
  • M2M and the Internet of Things
  • Financing the Future
  • Energy, Utilities, and the Cloud
  • The New Ecosytem