Avnet Eyes Data Exchange via e-Hub with Customer in China

Agreement with FiberHome aims to improve supplier-customer performance through RosettaNet partner interface

Phoenix — June 30, 2004 — Avnet Electronics Marketing has become the first electronics distributor to implement a RosettaNet partner interface via e-Hub with FiberHome Telecommunication Technologies, a provider of telecommunications equipment in mainland China.

The agreement between Avnet Electronics Marketing and FiberHome enables the companies to share real-time purchase order requests and acknowledgements via the e-Hub platform based on RosettaNet's Order Management Partner Interface Processes (PIPs) standard.

The e-Hub is a B2B electronic transaction exchange that was jointly developed by ChinaECNet and Global eXchange Services Inc (GXS) to enhance information exchange between original equipment manufacturers (OEM) in China's electronics industry.

Avnet said the agreement represents a milestone in its commitment to deploy e-Hub based on RosettaNet standards in China and to expand its role in e-business.

"This real-time, bilateral communications tool enables both companies to integrate their [enterprise resource planning (ERP)] systems, resulting in a significant gain in productivity, enhanced business opportunities and accurate information sharing," said Raymond Leung, regional director, Avnet China and Hong Kong Region. "By developing a more flexible trading relationship, we can also realize significant reductions in the cost of data exchange. We look forward to leveraging RosettaNet further with more of our partners in China."

Tang Jiawu, general manager of the system equipment manufacture department at FiberHome, called the agreement a "win-win" for the two companies. "By working with Avnet to deploy the RosettaNet PIP via e-Hub, we aim to strengthen the electronics supply chain, increase efficiencies, reduce expenses and expedite time to market for new products," he said.

RosettaNet is a non-profit organization that seeks to implement standards for supply-chain transactions on the Internet.