Zero to Exchange in 45 Days

CateringX and Oracle Shatter Time-to-Market Barrier

CateringX, the world's first online e-business exchange focusing on the catering industry, was rolled-out in only 45 days. Powered by Oracle's exchange platform technology, CateringX hopes to streamline the supply chain of industrial caterers, concessionaires, in-flight catering companies, hotels and restaurants and serve as a global electronic exchange and online exchange for the catering industry.

Since CateringX went live in June, 2000 over seven hundred suppliers and buyers have registered with the site. "The rapid proliferation of Internet usage within the catering industry presented CateringX with a fertile ground for online success," said Mr. Lucio K. Tan Jr., Chairman of CateringX Inc. We needed to capture first-mover advantage and partner with industry leaders in the e-business exchange," continued Mr. Tan. "Oracle is the only technology provider that can deliver global B2B exchanges that support the complete requirements of today's e-business exchange. By delivering its promise in forty-five days, we are reaping the benefits of being first-to-market."

Powered by Oracle's B2B exchange platform and technology the site will provide not only online auctioning, reverse auctioning, contract and spot buying capabilities, but also provide collaborative supply chain planning functionality that will facilitate accurate capacity and demand planning for participating suppliers.