5 Reasons to Implement Fully Automated BOPIS

By using automated parcel units, businesses can save money and offer customers a reliable, safe and convenient delivery option.

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According to Forbes, global e-commerce sales are expected to reach $6.3 trillion by 2023, with a 10.4% growth rate. As a result, there has been a significant increase in demand for efficient and reliable delivery options. Providing a seamless omnichannel experience with multiple options for customers is crucial for retailers to meet consumer demands and remain competitive in today's retail landscape. BOPIS (Buy Online, Pick Up In Store) service benefits the retailer by increasing the total amount spent per customer when they collect their orders. Here are five reasons why fully automating BOPIS in the last mile can be beneficial.

1. Improved Customer Experience

Customer experience is critical to any business and parcel units can significantly enhance this. In-store parcel lockers give customers the freedom to choose the most convenient time to pick up their goods, saving them from having to wait for the courier at home. Offering flexible solutions to customers helps retailers improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

2. Versatility

Parcel lockers and robots are often used for smaller and medium-sized parcels, but for larger items like TVs or bicycles, there haven't been any good, automated handover options until recently. Technology manufacturers like Cleveron are developing solutions for odd- and large-shaped items that can easily handle a variety of parcel sizes and shapes. “When automating processes, there are always outliers that need special treatment. By reducing the number of parcels that have to be handled in another manner, retailers can fully capitalize on the benefits of automatization and streamline their processes,” says Ott Pabut, chief technology officer, PhD, at Cleveron. 

3. Cost-Effective

Automating the last mile is a cost-effective solution for businesses, especially those with high-volume delivery needs. With a self-service pickup option, businesses save time and money on manual processes such as sorting, scanning, and handing out parcels. By reducing the cost of last-mile delivery, a company can save significant amounts of money in the long run. Moreover, automated click-and-collect investment can serve a business for years, making it a highly cost-effective solution.

4. Improved Security

Security is a top priority for parcel delivery, and parcel lockers and robots are designed with this in mind. Customers retrieve parcels with a personal code that is sent to them via text message, ensuring that parcels are secure and protected from theft or damage. By doing so, businesses can reduce the risk of lost or stolen packages, which can lead to costly refunds or negative customer experiences.

5. Customizable

A parcel unit is a highly customizable solution to meet the specific needs of a business. It can be branded with a company logo or design, making it a valuable marketing tool. Moreover, the variety of locker compartment sizes and the combination of different units can be customized to meet the specific needs of a business, making it a highly adaptable solution for retailers.

In summary, implementing BOPIS with automated parcel units can provide a better customer experience, cost-effectiveness, improved security, versatility and customizability. By using automated parcel units, businesses can save money and offer customers a reliable, safe and convenient delivery option. The increasing importance of offering customers a seamless omnichannel experience and multiple delivery options supports maintaining competitiveness in today's market situation.