Mobile Fulfillment System

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Kiva's automated storage and retrieval system is an AS/RS like no other because it is a truly integrated inventory storage, quality control and order fulfillment system. What if every item in your warehouse could walk and talk on its own? What if your warehouse automation systems were flexible, quick to implement and easy to use? What if your AS/RS could handle products of all shapes and sizes? What if the products could come to the operator exactly when needed? What if your warehouse automation was embraced by all the order pickers in your distribution center because they can pick any item, anywhere, at any time? What if an AS/RS didn't look or act like a traditional automated storage and retrieval system? What if it was applicable to more operations? What if it was just plain better?

This is the vision that drives the Kiva Mobile Fulfillment System (MFS).

Kiva uses a simple set of equipment and powerful control software to provide a complete order fulfillment solution: storing, moving and sorting inventory. Instead of being stored in static shelving, flow racks or carousels, products are stored in inventory pods in the center of the warehouse while operators stand at inventory stations around the perimeter. When an order is received, robotic drive units retrieve the appropriate pods and bring them to the worker, who picks out the appropriate item and places it in the carton. Completed orders are stored on separate pods, ready to get up and move to the loading dock when the truck arrives

Why Kiva?

Increase Productivity - Triple the output per worker over other solutions.

Lower Cost - The Kiva MFS has lower installation and operational costs than traditional warehouse automation systems.

Increase Flexibility - The Kiva MFS adapts to changes in product types, product velocities, order prioritization, and other operational realities. This is not possible with traditional AS/RS equipment.

Improve Worker Safety - Work injuries can be costly. Customers tell us the Kiva automated storage and retrieval system reduces worker fatigue and results in less injuries to order selectors because bending and stretching at the pick stations is limited and the amount of walking required is minimal.

Boost Order Accuracy

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