Goodman Logistics Center El Monte - Los Angeles East Completes Construction, Providing Supply Chain Resilience for Customers

As customers looking to bolster their supply chain resilience has led to increased demand for warehouses, Goodman Group has completed a 1.2 million-square-foot logistics facility in El Monte, California.

Goodman Logistics
Goodman Logistics

As customers looking to bolster their supply chain resilience has led to increased demand for warehouses, Goodman Group has completed a 1.2 million-square-foot logistics facility in El Monte, California. The new facility has from 227,850 to 935,657 square feet of occupancy-ready space that is designed to support the growing need for modern warehouses from the e-commerce industry and beyond. Currently, global logistics and warehouses, including the El Monte facility, are playing an important role in providing essential infrastructure that is able to help efficiently distribute consumer and business-to-business products.

Anthony Rozic, CEO of Goodman North America said: “The El Monte facility has been engineered with our customers in mind. Over the past three months, Goodman has seen increased demand for both temporary and permanent space from customers in varying industries, particularly related to e-commerce operations. We understand that consumer needs and demands are growing more rapidly than ever before. Companies are now required to be faster, more agile and quick to adapt operations. Through the El Monte facility’s design configuration, we can provide companies with the space needed to help successfully deliver products to consumers when they need it.

“The El Monte Logistics Center is another building block in our company’s global gateway city strategy to better serve customers through urban logistics sites that are close to consumers.”

The demand for e-commerce goods continues to surge with the US industry expected to be valued at $6.5 trillion by 2023. The design of the El Monte Logistics Center can be adapted as customers’ needs evolve because it has the flexibility to accommodate warehousing requirements from 227,850 to 935,657 square feet.

Conveniently located less than one mile from Interstate 10, the Goodman Logistics Center, El Monte is four miles west of the Interstate 605, 13 miles from Downtown Los Angeles and 24 miles from the Ports of Los Angeles/Long Beach. The prime location provides a quick and efficient delivery path for the potential 20 million consumers in Los Angeles County.

According to CBRE, online sales have increased and the e-commerce industry is expected to jump to 39% of total retail sales by the year 2030 in the United States. This number is up from 15% in 2019. This increase has been accelerated by COVID-19 with expectations for this surge in online sales due to moderate, but still be well ahead of pre-coronavirus levels. With this growth, it is more important than ever for logistics facilities to provide customers with solutions that can accommodate these increased volumes and shift in consumer demand.

The El Monte facility features 36-foot clear height, a feature that has the potential to increase capacity by 10 to 25%, cross-dock configuration, which can help reduce transportation costs and maximize handling efficiencies, 185-foot concrete truck courts, 536 car spaces and 164 trailer stalls for easier access and manoeuvring space. The development also offers 24/7 operations, site security, 147 dock doors, offices, ESFR sprinkler system and a LEED-certified shell to provide customers with the space and features needed to operate and execute its supply chain safely and efficiently.

In 2019, Mutual Trading Company, a premier Japanese food, beverage and restaurant supply specialist, was the first to take up 299,786 square feet of the El Monte facility. Mutual Trading Company is utilizing the space to consolidate five of its previous locations in order to improve its supply chain.

Goodman Group is an active developer in the Greater Los Angeles market and is currently pursuing new development and value-add acquisition opportunities. Goodman Group is one of the world’s largest industrial property groups, with a global network spanning 17 countries and more than $34 billion of assets under management.

Goodman Logistics Center El Monte is located at 4300 Shirley Ave in El Monte, California.