Tap Packaging Solutions Transforms Business Operations with Cloud Services

Packaging solutions provider leverages Ariba Network to better manage cash and fuel growth in new markets

Sunnyvale, Calif.—Feb. 14, 2012—Tap Packaging Solutions, a provider of packaging and presentation products, now utilizes cloud-based technologies and services from Ariba Inc. to more effectively manage its cash to invest in the development of its new business.

“For 100 years, we have been a company that serviced the professional photography market, providing innovative ways to package and distribute prints,” explained J. Anthony Hyland, President and Chief Executive Officer, Tap Packaging Solutions, Cleveland. “But as digital photography has become mainstream, the paper print has been replaced by so many electronic alternatives. We had to decide: are we a photography company or a packaging company?”

Hyland and his team decided on the latter and set about restructuring the company to attack new markets and deliver custom designed packaging products including folding cartons; rigid set-up boxes; entertainment packaging; and informational packaging such as book covers, binders, plastic presentations pages, certificate holders and presentation folders.

“One of our largest customers came to us and said that we needed to send all of our invoices to them electronically through Ariba,” Hyland recalled. “We didn’t know much about it at the time, but we got on board.”

What Hyland quickly learned is that by transacting on the Ariba Network, Tap Packaging gained better visibility into the timing and status of payments and received its money more quickly.

Utilizing Ariba Discovery, which matches buyer requirements with seller capabilities, Hyland plans to improve Tap Packaging’s lead generation process.

“We’re basically a startup at this point and we’re competing against both larger companies and local print shops,” said Hyland. “Having the ability to introduce ourselves to Ariba’s buyers can open the door to significant opportunities.”

In the past 12 months, more than $3 billion in new business opportunities were offered through Ariba Discovery, over 15 million leads distributed and more than 15,000 matches between buyers and sellers made.

“In today’s volatile economy, companies of all types and sizes are looking for smarter ways to differentiate themselves and do business,” said Jason Kurtz, Vice President, Ariba Network. “Through the Ariba Network and services like Ariba Discovery, Tap Packaging has access to a truly global platform that it can use to discover, connect and collaborate with trading partners around the globe in an efficient and cost-effective manner.”

For more information, visit www.ariba.com or www.tap-usa.com.