TruckBot Automatically Unloads Trailers and Shipping Containers

This autonomous robot can unload up to 1,000 cases per hour and will be showcased at ProMat 2023.

Autonomous Truck

Mujin has unveiled the launch of TruckBot which is a cutting-edge robot designed to automatically unload trucks and shipping containers. 

"TruckBot is a game-changer for warehouses looking to streamline their operations and reduce costs," said Ross Diankov who is the CEO of Mujin. “The dock door is the largest bottleneck in our supply chain and unloading trailers is back-breaking work. TruckBot will improve safety and effectiveness for warehouses across the globe while unlocking the possibility for true fully-autonomous operations."

From Mujin:

  • Able to unload up to 1,000 cases per hour, TruckBot is a robot with an unconventional form, built specifically to address the challenges presented by the unloading process of floor-loaded trailers and containers employed at most warehouses and distribution centers.
  • TruckBot was designed to attach to standard telescoping conveyors found at many existing loading docks. It reaches up to 52 feet into the truck trailer or shipping container and can handle boxes weighing up to 50 lbs, including containers with packing complexities and Mixed SKU loads.
  • TruckBot is powered by the MujinController, a state-of-the-art robotics platform that enables it to work autonomously, planning paths and movements while minimizing idle time and maximizing productivity.