LoadExpress Expands Freight Matching Platform, Providing Greater Capabilities for 3PLs and Brokers

3PLs, shippers and carriers can tender loads, accept bids and execute transportation in one integrated transportation execution platform.

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LoadExpress, Inc. is expanding its freight matching and transportation execution platform to enable third-party logistics providers (3PLs) and freight brokers to join shippers and carriers to post loads, accept bids and execute on them in one integrated SaaS platform.

The platform allows 3PLs to act as the shipper or on behalf of a carrier to cover and execute on a load. Now all three parties can conduct business on LoadExpress, with shippers and carriers having the choice to deal with 3PLs or direct with each other. LoadExpress is targeted at the small/medium 3PL/broker that either doesn’t have the technology or scale to compete effectively in the long run, or wants to have a lower-cost, more agile and integrated system to conduct its business. 

LoadExpress is completely free to join and use. There is no license, subscription or usage fee. A 3PL user charges its margin when using LoadExpress, which adds its margin for that load. It makes money only when the 3PL makes money.

In addition, 3PLs will enjoy four major benefits from using LoadExpress:

1. LoadExpress aggregates both loads and capacity in its network, which increases 3PLs’ revenues and coverage capability. The smallest 3PL with its own small and limited network can now compete much more effectively with a much larger one.

2. 3PLs can scale with technology without spending capex.

3. LoadExpress is a load board, freight matching system, and transportation execution platform in one integrated package. 3PLs—as well as shippers and carriers—save money by not needing to pay for multiple load boards, load tendering systems, TMS, etc.

4. 3PLs can save significant money, increase productivity, customer satisfaction and service capacity through automation. They can also reduce the daily aggravations of managing logistics manually.

Both shippers and carriers benefit with this expansion, as well, because there is a bigger pool of shipments and carriers to choose from. Shippers can expect to enjoy lower freight spend, better coverage and service through competition. Carriers can make more money with more loads to choose from, and both can still enjoy all the benefits of dealing directly with each other without brokers. 

"The LoadExpress website is a one stop shop for everything. From finding a load, bidding on a load, and the tendering process, this website produces results in a well-timed manner,” says Matt Nowacki, carrier sales operations manager at CL Services Inc., a 3PL in Atlanta, Georgia. 

“We’re using proven web-based technologies to wring out billions of dollars of operational and price inefficiencies from the truck freight industry,” adds Ken Liu, co-founder and vice president of business development at LoadExpress. “These improvements are absolutely needed for 3PLs, shippers and carriers to compete, thrive—and survive—in the future, as the strong pressure to cut cost, increase productivity and customer satisfaction accelerates in this intensely competitive industry.” 

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