Collective Launches New Data Solutions to Drive Audience Reach and Consumer Purchase

Collective TopShelf lets retail clients reduce the incidence of showrooming and adapt to how shoppers want to shop


New YorkSept. 12, 2014Collective, a programmatic, multi-screen advertising company, unveiled Collective Solutions, which includes three new category packages for marketers aimed at keeping consumers top of mind. With Collective TopShelf, Collective BarCode and Collective WheelHouse, the company developed data-driven solutions with precision-targeting analytics for marketers in the retail, consumer packaged goods (CPG) and automotive sectors.

“Through our custom research with Advertiser Perceptions debuting later this month, we learned that hyper accurate audience targeting is the greatest benefit programmatic media buying brings to marketers,” said Collective Chief Executive Officer Joe Apprendi. “The unique approach Collective took to produce these proprietary data segments provides marketers with the edge they need to be at the top of the market during the holiday season.”

The Collective Solutions suite includes:

  • Collective TopShelf, which lets retail clients reduce the incidence of showrooming and adapt to how shoppers want to shop. By utilizing a proprietary blend of location, behavior and contextual targeting, retailers help consumers to shop when they want, how they want: buy in store, order online and then pick up in store or have it delivered, in order to make the sale.
  • Collective BarCode, which combines the power of multi-screen synchronization with the most accurate purchase intent data to allow consumer packaged goods (CPG) marketers to own the mindshare of their consumers in real time.
  • Collective WheelHouse, which finds auto buyers who are primed for messaging at each level of their decision-making process—whether or not to buy a car, what brand is best and where to buy it.

“In developing these solutions, Collective is meeting the strongest needs of advertisers during the holiday buying season. Coupling these proprietary data segments with Collective’s technology address the specific challenges faced by these sectors,” said Collective Chief Revenue Officer Jill Botway. “Collective’s data solutions enable marketers to keep consumers top of mind, so they remain top of market. By partnering with Collective, they reach the right consumer at the right time on a specific device that drives engagement and purchase whether in store, at the dealer or online.”

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