Transparency and Control over the Entire Supply Chain

BlueCherry improves forecasting, inventory visibility and reporting, so the company keeps pace with the growth of its business

New YorkMay 23, 2014CGS, a global provider of technology solutions, announced that Southern Marsh chose the BlueCherry Enterprise Suite to support its rapidly growing business and expanding sales channels.

BlueCherry ERP (enterprise resource planning) is going to enable Southern Marsh to achieve transparency and control over its entire supply chain, while helping it better collaborate with and service customers. Additionally, BlueCherry provides improved forecasting, inventory visibility and robust reporting to help the company keep pace with the swift growth of its business.

Based in Baton Rouge, La., Southern Marsh manufacturers quality men’s, women’s, and youth apparel that it markets online and through retail stores across the country.

“As we continue to grow the business and expand our sales channels, we realized we needed a modern, industry-focused solution that could keep up with that type of rapid development,” said Matthew Valiollahi, co-owner of Southern Marsh.

Southern Marsh also expects BlueCherry to help it increase customer satisfaction and scale to support its continued growth.

According to Paul Magel, president of the application solutions group at CGS, “In BlueCherry, Southern Marsh now has the scalable, reliable solutions platform that enables it to advance its business to even higher levels.”

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