Penske Logistics to Manage Ducati's Logistics Operation

Logistics operation based out of Cajamar distribution center in Brazil supports luxury motorcycle brand`s business expansion in Brazil

São Paulo, BrazilDec. 4, 2013Penske Logistics was selected to manage the logistics processes of the Italian motorcycle brand Ducati in Brazil. At the distribution center in Cajamar (a municipality of São Paulo), the company has a dedicated team of associates to handle inventory management and movement of goods—from motorcycles to brand accessories—in order to supply the Ducati stores in the country.

Penske Logistics can contribute to Ducati’s operation with sophisticated logistics intelligence to optimize resources and reduce transportation times. The entire operation is supported by Penske Logistics’ proprietary enterprise resource planning (ERP) and management systems.

Ducati has an extensive growth plan in Brazil. The company’s strategy is to build a solid base of partners that are at the top of their industries. “We chose Penske Logistics as a strategic partner to help us add value to the Ducati brand in the country through its experience in the automotive market,” explained Ricardo Susini, director of Ducati in Brazil.

Paulo Sarti, managing director of Penske Logistics in South America, stressed the opportunity to participate in the expansion of the company, “It is gratifying to be part of the growth process of a company that is investing and believes in the country, especially in the current landscape in which we see record production and sales in the automotive industry.”

With the addition of this new operation, Penske Logistics is adding to its existing work in the automotive industry, with expertise and success in achieving and maintaining efficiency and quality. Currently, the company's automotive distribution centers and operations manage, on average, 6,000 product lines per day, reaching 14,000 during peak periods.

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