To Fully Comply with New German Tax Regulations

If German companies deliver goods to recipients from another EU member state, they must prove the goods arrived in order to be exempt from the value-added tax

BrusselsOct. 10, 2013Transwide confirmed that its on-demand transport management system (TMS) provides shippers inherent functionality to fully comply with new German tax regulations effective October 2013.             

If German companies deliver goods to recipients from another European Union (EU) member state, they have to provide proof that these goods actually arrived at the destination, the so-called “Gelangensbestätigung,” in order to be exempt from the value-added tax (VAT).                             

As of October 1, 2013, the German Tax Authorities authorize different types of documents to comply with this regulation. Apart from CMR documents, companies can now use any type of signed document that clearly specifies the date and the identity of the trading partners, the vehicle and merchandise, along with a copy of the sales invoice.                     

In addition, the law considers electronic track-and-trace protocols a legitimate alternative to physical documents as they provide sufficient data to prove a delivery.         

Transwide provides shippers and their logistics providers a ready-to-use solution. The TMS module twTrace gives companies all the necessary data about executed transport orders through electronic protocols. If the recipient of goods uses Transwide, his or her online confirmation is legitimate proof for successful delivery at the destination point, and therefore, can be used as Gelangensbestätigung.           

Transwide also enables users to upload, archive and retrieve any type of signed document that serves as Gelangensbestätigung through the Transwide online communication platform. Transwide twTrace, Upload Doc and twDoc can be used in combination with other TMS modules, creating a complete solution for transportation execution and freight invoice settlement.        

Fabrice Maquignon, CEO of Wolters Kluwer Transport Services, emphasized, “In fully complying with European legislation standards, Transwide provides a real value-add to our shipper community and their connected logistics partners.”