Swift Pick Enhances Case Picking

ITW Warehouse Automation introduces case-picking enhancement to increase individual picking rates and efficiencies of product flow through automation

Swift Pick 2

Arden, N.C.Oct. 10, 2013ITW Warehouse Automation (ITWWA), a global supplier of fully integrated warehousing solutions, introduces its Swift Pick solution. An enhancement to case picking for both flow rack and higher level pallet picking, Swift Pick increases the individual picking rates and efficiencies of the product flow through automation. The solution incorporates proprietary software that enables operators to use a mobile device or tablet as their case-picking monitor. It further allows users to pick at a pace that keeps the conveyor line full of product—increasing the overall units per hour moving through the system.

Traditionally, operators get their pick order from overhead monitors that are located adjacent to their pick area. With Swift Pick, they have the information literally attached to their arm or wrist. As the operators go up and down the aisles to pick the assigned cases, they no longer have to refer back to the overhead monitor to register the item was picked and placed on the conveyor. With Swift Pick, they can simply refer to their hand-held device, tap on the item picked and immediately move on to the next. In addition, the operator can view several picks at once as opposed to one at a time.

According to the company, Swift Pick is intuitive and can be set up in a matter of hours. It requires minimal training and can be incorporated into new or existing systems. Users can also seamlessly add additional program applications. For example, the solution can be set to alert operators where additional pick support is required in the warehouse.

“Swift Pick is already being used at several soft drink and beer facilities throughout North America,” said John Barry, vice president of sales and marketing for the Americas, ITW Warehouse Automation. “This official launch now enables us to provide Swift Pick to customers worldwide.”


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